Little System Of Business Ideas

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  2. Urself
  3. The majority of people
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1. General

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  • Given the right knowledge, any person can understand any fact of reality, no matter how advanced.
  • Man has the ability to think consciously in concepts and then integrate those concepts into wider concepts. Use it!
  • The level of a person's happiness is directly related to the level that he expands his mind (Benjamin Franklin).
  • The essence of conscious life is control - the ability to control one's present an future. A person out of control is unhappy and will fail.
  • All successful people integrate their lives with their work. A person will never succeed far in business by working only a 40-hour week! To move forward, a person must put in a minimum of 60 hours per week (40 hours of detail, responsibility handling work, 20 hours of creative, forward moving work). This is not difficult to do once a person integrates his life with his work and perform downstream focus (downstream focus happens when your thoughts naturally flow back to your work, even in the evenings and weekends).
  • If a person is not moving forward, then that person is moving towards death.
  • A person seek out the complicated in his or her job and then break that complexity down into simplified steps. Suddenly, that person will find that the complex becomes simple. By diving into complicated situations, a person becomes like a mini-tycoon. He or she takes control and gets noticed.
  • A single individual cannot build a business empire all by himself. Great empires are built by a founding entrepreneuer who knows how to surround himself with hard-working, integrated thinkers.
  • No matter how small or large a company is, that company can always be reduced down to a single individual.
  • The essence of business are fully integrated honesty, responsibility, integration, abstraction, objectivity, long-range planning, effort, discipline, thought and control.
  • Business is the mechanism for the individual to develop unlimited potential.
  • Business-like thinking means thinking and acting objectively. It always creates problems in business whenever a person acts on feelings and wishes. In fact, acting on feelings and wishes is synonymous with creating problems where none exist.
  • Doing forward essence movement is the lifeblood of a company and is crucial to its long-term survival.
  • If a business pushes out over the entire world, it breaks dependency upon any single country. The very nature of breaking out into a worldwide mode pushes an individual into new dimensions of thought and awareness that will open up new opportunities.  


2. Urself

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  • Remember to stop and think. Think about what you are doing. Think about your work. Think about your career. Do this in consistent basis.
  • Be aware of what you are doing at work. One should always think about what is going on. He or she should think ahead and think about how to avoid careless mistakes.
  • Everyone has good ideas and important things to do. Unfortunately, people usually put off acting on their ideas or diving into important projects because it requires a lot of mental and physical exertion to get started. Good ideas and important projects must be acted on right now. ...Instantly! This is called Insta-Act. This turns a person into a doer.
  • Insta-Act is what seperates those who succeed from those who stagnate and remain unfulfilled.
  • You can immediately elevate your power in business by exerting hard concentration. Envision a business goal, then concentrate hard on all the actions you must take to accomplish that goal. But remember - when a person decides to act on a project and begins to concentrate on the problem at hand, after a few minutes his or her mind will begin to go unfocused. The mind will simply buzz out. Such buzzing out, in most cases, will forever stop the completion of that project. The reason the mind buzzes out is because independent, hard thinking is alien to most!
  • Whenever you don't feel like doing a particular task in business, whenever you find yourself putting something off to do later, reverse that situation. Instead, aggressively drive into such tasks. Those who dive into tasks they don't feel like doing will push forward and succeed. They simply outcompete everyone else.
  • Business dynamics naturally seek out those who are fair and strive to make themselves a value.
  • When ever you feel strong emotions, particularly if those emotions are negative feelings toward another person, you should not act on those emotions. Instead, you must exert discipline to overcome such emotions. In business, a person must always think and act via reason.
  • Break out of a following Mode! Few individuals ever really exert their own independent thought and effort to figure out how to move forward the money-making essence of their company. Yet the only way to really achieve success is to break out of a following mode at work into independent thinking and action - i.e., move into new territory that no one else has mapped out or formatted. A person will know when he is pushing into an independent, integrated thinking mode because there will be no one around who can show him what to do or how to act. Only his own thinking and effort can guide him. He must formulate through his own independent thinking, the actions he must take to move forward. It is at this stage that a person can really begin to move forward.
  • When a person first breaks out of a following mode at work, he or she will feel apprehensive. But, these are the very dynamics that force a person to think and act on his or her own. And that is the only way to break into new, forward essence movement. But again - before a person can push out into an independent mode at work, he or she must first put in the tough, nitty-gritty sweat work to learn and master the details and essence of the company.
  • Go on the offensive with your thinking. Identify what you need in business, then employ offensive thinking to get it. Offensive thinking will push you out of a following mode and into an forward essence mode.
  • A key to success is to overload oneself with work. This forces a person to become increasingly dynamic. You too can employ a 'Do-Everything' approach. Anything and everything that needs to be done in your business - just do it.
  • To succeed in business, you cannot wait around for others to do things for oneself. 'So few people employ integrated thinking; so few people are forward essence movers. You cannot depend upon other people to get things done for you in business. You must instead aggressively think out alternative actions that you can take on your own to get what you need - in other words, you must go on the offensive. You must aggressively put control of a business situation into your own hands. You must get what you need yourself.' (Eric Savage)
  • Opportunity is inherent in business. But, each person must exert his or her own independent effort to capitalize on that opportunity. In fact, to effectively capitialize on the enormous opportunity inherent in all business, a person must integrate his life with his work. That is the only way to really initiate integrated thinking and forward essence movement. The individual who does this will find himself becoming more and more dynamic.
  • To really succeed in business, you must integrate with the marketing numbers and the accounting numbers of your company. Such numbers reveal where inefficiencies lie, where new opportunities lie, how to structure things - they reveal what needs to be done to succeed. Nothing allows you to master control of business more effectively than integrating with that business' marketing and accounting numbers.
  • You dramatically increase your productivity by increasing your intensity - i.e. a good starting point is to begin walking faster at work. People with high intensity usually walk fast.
  • You can enhance your own power and your company's power especially over the telephone where clients may never see the person or the company with whom they are dealing. You should always act with class while one the phone. Be formal. This gives you and your company instant respect.
  • One of the first places a person glances at upon meeting another individual is downward at the feet. Thus, a person with well-kept, shined shoes can make a good first impression. Well-kept, freshly shined shoes reflect awareness and care. That is why business districts usually contain many shoe-shine stands. Beeing aware of how one dresses in business is even more important. Business evolves toward rationality. That is why the business suit has evolved. A person wearing a business suit will find that others take him much more seriously. A business suit can increases a person's power and effectiveness considerably.


3. The majority of people

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  • They, for most of their working lives, do not exert independent, hard thinking. They merely show up at work to perfom tasks that someone else has devised and set up.
  • 'There is no limit to the extent a person will go to avoid hard thinking.' (Harvey Firestone)
  • Independent, hard thinking is alien to most!
  • Most people will hedge against digging into tasks that can open up into new areas of work.
  • The problem is that a lot of people in business attempt to remember marketing and accounting numbers. Instead, they should integrate with the story that those numbers are revealing. A person who attempts to memorize numbers won't be able to continue moving forward to increasingly higher levels of integration. Integration means understanding and digesting a process, not memorizing specific facts and figures.


4. Manager

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  • The nitty-gritty details of business are the focal point from which all real, earned power is built. Mastering the nitty-gritty details of business requires personal effort and honesty. Managers can have a false belief that they do not need to really dig in to learn and perform the most basic, nitty-gritty detail work within their companies. An arrogant attitude can develop that one does not have to stoop that low. But moreover, such an attitude stagnates a manager. Getting down and dirty by learning and doing the most basic, nitty-gritty work within a company is crucial for building real, earned power.
  • Only by starting at the very bottom of a business and mastering ist every working detail can a person completely understand and integrate with the essence of that business. By doing that, a person can then master each successive level and successfully delegate those details to others as he or she moves up. Such a person can completely manage all those under him. He has already performed that work himself. Eventually, that person is able to literally run every operation within his company. He or she becomes the person best equipped to carry forward and build upon that company's essence. Another person may start his career higher up in a company, but such a person will almost always have less long-range potential.
  • Business power starts with controls - controls over the numbers and procedures of a business. If a problem is not quickly spotted and resolved, it will spread to other areas. As a problem spreads, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out where the originating cause lies. A manager not in control of his company will spend all of his time putting out fires as they arise.
  • The moment a person reaches a level in business where the pressure and work makes him cranky, he will never grow beyond that point. Crankiness is a crutch that prevents a person from learning how to become more efficient and obtain control over his work. A cranky person cannot move forward!
  • 'Never allow an item to cross your desk more than once,' states Frank R. Wallace. In other words, never file an item away to be acted upon at a later date. Instead, act on each item that crosses your desk right then and there. Not doing so increasing inefficiency. When an item is pulled out at a later date, a person has to reintegrate with that item for a second time. Time is unnecessarily consumed and efficiency is lost. In addition, whenever is out aside instead of being acted upon immediately, the risk of that item getting misplaced or lost greatly increases. The only exception to acting upon items immediately is when a person has an efficient system where similar items are filed into groups to be acted upon all at once during a specific, pre-set time period, i.e., a phone call that needs to be made can be placed in a specific phone call period.
  • Power in business is a very effective tool and a Manager should hold meetings with all employees and constantly remind them not to throw their power away. And an additional point concerning Power is the need to get rid of personnel with bad attitudes. Such workers destroy a company's power with their bad attitudes. They infect, sour and prevent other employees from acting with class. Instead of enhancing their own power and their company's power, such bad apples decrease everyone's power!
  • A Manager should continuously remind employees about the importance of working with intensity.
  • The power of intensity in the workplace is enormous! Without any other variable than being aware of intensity and determining to exert high intensity, an individual, as well as an entire company, can turn into an unstoppable dynamo.
  • If you hold a management position, take a moment and concentrate on your job. Think about what actions you perform throughout the work that directly make money. You will discover that only a handful of actions directly increase income. The rest of your time is spent on side issues that do not make money for your company. Now, concentrate on those handful of actions that directly make money - they are essence actions. By consciously focusing on money-making essence actions, a person can suddenly expand two-fold, five-fold, even ten-fold the number of money-making essence actions he or she performs in a day. That creates a high money-making intensity. With that high intensity, a person will find himself or herself rifling through business details that previously filled an entire day in a couple of early morning or evening hours. Most of those details can be condensed and efficiently handled within specific time slots. If a manager does not pack the non-money-making details of business into short, specific time slots, those details will expand to fill a full nine-hour day.
  • Remember - A secretary handles the most basic organizational work within an office. Secretaries perform the tasks that make their companies run. They are integrated with the very essence of their companies. You can replace many managers with secretaries and that secretary would get more work done. Thus, an important tool for maintaining efficiency is to keep out the white-collar hoax in management. To be hired as a manager, an executive must be more productive than a secretary would be in that same position! Ask oneself if a secretary would get more work done in a specific position than a current high-paid, haughty manager. If the answer is yes, replace that manager with either a hustling secretary of a forward essence moving manager. Only by exerting integrated thinking and forward essence movement can a manager outcompete an efficient, high-paced secretary. For, an efficient secretary, who by the nature of her work lacks a haughty attitude or a 'that work is not my responsibility' attitude, can often complete actions and paperwork within a single hour that will take a white-collar hoax manager all day to complete... Many companies will become much more productive simply by replacing a good chunk of their managers with efficient, high-paced secretaries.
  • The mark of a true entrepreneuer is that he or she will exhibit an incurable sense of driving to completion. Such a person cannot relax or feel good about something until it is complete and working. In fact, person in a drive to completion mode often won't even be able to eat dinner until the task he or she is working on is finished. A drive to completion mentality encompasses a lot. It's primary attributes are energy and integrated thinking. That is why driving to completion is a rare trait. But, the person who is really valuable in business is the person who does not hasitate to dive into any area of work that required to drive a task to completion. Thus, everyone needs to be aware of this concept and always work to increase their drive to completion intensity. A drive to completion individual can keep growing, no matter what circumstances he or she is under, or what company he or she works.
  • The secret to mega success is to seek out business deals so complicated no one else will touch them. Deals that scare everyone else away offer the greatest opportunity. By jumping into a 'complicated mess', a person can pull master stroke to capture enormous profits.

5. Employee

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  • Forward-essence-moving personnel are the most highly leveraged assets a business can have. They multiply a business' power many times over. The beauty of bringing into a company integrated thinking, forward essence movers is that a freigth-train-like momentum begins building. And all workers, including the founding entrepreneuer, must begin answering to that momen-tum. Thus, everyone's intensity level and responsibility level is pushed up. If not getting a specific job completed on time is going to hold up another worker's job, which in turn will hold up the job of still another worker, which in turn holds up the entire company, excuses become unacceptable!
  • Employee who naturally exert a lot of physical energy, workers who naturally hustle, very rarely become huffy. They accept change without complaints. Those high energy individuals focus on pursuing their new responsibilities. In contrast, employee who do not hustle, who work at low intensity, almost get huffy when forced to become more efficient and pursue forward essence movement. Those low intensity workers throw up a wall of huffiness against change, efficiency and forward movement. A manager must confront and overcome such huffiness.
  • Any properly run business does not try to get away with paying employees as little as possible. The opposite is true! The goal of any forward moving business is to have its employees make as much money as possible. Every dollar an employee earns means that that employee has profited his company several more dollars in return. Thus, if an employee makes a lot of money, it means his or her company is making even more money. That is the beauty of business!
  • In business, a person - a employee - that acts on feelings and wishes stands out because problems keep arising around that employee. For example, a certain employee will be working in an area and everything will run just fine. That employee will get his or her job done without any problems. Then, when that employee leaves or is transferred, a new person is brought into that exact same job. Suddenly, that new person kicks up all kinds of problems. He or she complains and protests about various procedures and responsibilities. In addition, all kinds of problems begin arising between that person and other workers, managers, even customers. That is a red flag! Such a worker is creating problems where none exist. He or she should be removed! Business solving problems where they do exist.